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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Discussion: Insta-Love

       As far as I can tell the majority of readers hate insta-love and that includes me in a way. I don't necessarily hate it, I just hate how most of the time its so cheesy cliche and how unrealistic it is.  You don't just don't look at a person and say "I love you and I want to be with you forever." That never happens in real life. You may be attracted to a person at first sight, but you can never fall in love with a person at first sight.

That also goes with my other point, which is how some others just base the insta-love out of how they look. I have read so many books where the only reason a couple likes each other is because the other person is hot. I am perfectly fine if that's the reason why a girl in a book keeps thinking about a guy and then a relationship blossoms and she doesn't focus on how good he looks. What I hate is when an author makes a relationship seem shallow and the only reason they are together is because the other person is hot. I think that might be one of the reasons people hate insta-love, because most books with insta-love the relationship are that shallow.

Another reason why I don't really like insta-love is because it is so used and as a result of that most of the relationships are now cliche and cheesy and so predictable. When the relationship is like that it makes the whole book predictable, at least to me.

Even though I don't like insta-love when there isn't a reason, I love it when there is a reason. For example, if the two people are soul mates I would be perfectly fine if they fell in love within two weeks, because I love books that have soul mates in it. Its just so sweet and romantice if the couple in a relationship are soul mates. That is one of the reasons why I love the Significance series so much, because the two characters are meant to be together and you just can't help loving them and their relationship.

Overall, I don't really like insta-love unless the couple are soul mates. Then I am fine with it.
So, do you like insta-love, why or why not?

Happy reading.

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