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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book shelf tour part 3

I have wanted to do a Book shelf tour since I started this blog and for some reason I never did it. So, in honors of New Years I decided to finally just do it.

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Click HERE for the Bookshelf Tour part 2
 This is my odds and ends shelf. Meaning some of the books are my odd ones, like my pocket handbook to rocks, or my children's encyclopedias Others like my V. C. Andrews I didn't want to put on my read shelf, because they are mass paper and I like my shelves to bu straight and not bumpy Sorry that the first picture is a little crooked, try as I might, I could not get a picture better then that.
Also, some of the books don't say what their authors are anywhere on the book, so I just left it open.

First Half

Left, Up to Down:
A wire Journal.
The Hunger Games Movie.
The Rude Awakening of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viere Rigler.
A Pocket Guide to Rocks and Minerals by James Lagomarsino
The Worlds Best Fairy Tales
Myths and Legends Children's excaylapido
Stories and Fables Children's excayaclopida
Stories of Freedom Children's excayaclopidia
Complete Painting and Drawing Handbook
In the Realm of the Never Fairies, the Secret World of Pixie Hollow.
My Book of Old-Time Fairy Tales Illustrated by Margaret Evens Price.
Right, Up to Down:
The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
Ruby by V. C. Andrews.
Darkest Hour by V. C. Andrews
Midenight Whispers by V. C. Andrews
Twilight Child by V. C. Andrews
Secrets of the Morning by V. C. Andrews
Dawn by V. C. Andrews

Favorite Cover:
That has to be the Never Fairies book. I got it when I went though my fairy phase years ago. I still have it has the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen in a book. I wish I could show you, but my computer is acting up and won't let me put it on this post.


Last Half

 Left, Up to Down:
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Gate of Paradise by V. C. Andrews
Dar Angel by V. C. Andrews
Olivia by V. C. Andrews
Music in the Night by V. C. Andrews
Unfinished Symphony by V. C. Andrews
Heart Song by V. C. Andrews
Right, Up to Down:
Double Cross by James Patterson
Favrote Cover:
 I don't have a fav cover on this half, because I don't like any of them.
That's my book shelf tour, Come back next week for the last one.
Happy reading.

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