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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Discussion: Love Triangles

     The love triangle is probably the most controveranel thing in YA literature. It's a hit or miss, either you like love triangle or you hate it. I think there's a lot more people who hate it, then there are people who love it. I am right in the middle.  I really like them, but there are a few things I hate about them.

     I am a romance junkie. That is, I need to have some romance in a book or else there is a good chance I won't like the book very much. Even if the romance is cheesy, it is still better than having no romance. So, obviously, when a book has a love triangle there is double the romance.

     Another thing I like about love triangles is how they can make a conversation. For example, if you met another book lover, you start talking about books. Then if you both read a book with a love triangle you would naturally say what team you're on. Then if you two are on different teams you can defend the team you're on. Or if you're both on the same team you can gush and fan girl about how awesome the guy is.

     Another thing I like about love triangles are the drama they bring to the book. However, in that lies one of the problems of love triangles. It is very easy for an author to write the love triangle and make it come off as childish, cheesy, and have unnecessary drama. Since, it is really easy for an author to make that mistake, there are a lot of books out there that have really cheesy love triangles. I think that is is part of the reason why a lot of people hate love triangles.

     Another reason I think a lot of people dislike love triangles is that are so many books with love triangles in them. I guarantee you that if you go to the YA section in a book store and randomly pick up a book, there is a one in three chance that the book will have a love triangle in it.

     Another problem I have with love triangles is that they are almost all the same.  I am not saying that the characters are the same, I am saying that almost every single triangle has the same mold.
Girl starts dating golden boy, they fall in love, golden boy has a sercret, girl finds out, she breaks up with him, girl meets bad mysterios boy, starts to fall in love, but ohh he has a sercret too, girl has to choose. I think love triangles would be better if they weren't all in that mold. I know a few books that have a different love triangle in them (i.e The Iron Fey series, the Wonderous Strange series, and the Covevant series just to name a few.) and because the triangles are different it adds more character to the book.

     Those are my thoughts on love triangles. What do you thin of love triangles? Are you team "no triangles" or team "love triangles"

Happy reading :)

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