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Mary E. Pearson, Kiss of Deception

Friday, May 8, 2015

April Wrap-Up

April was a very hectic and chaotic month for me. Even though finals week wasn't until the first week of May I was still super busy with school. I had so many end-of-year papers to write along with studying for the finals and then doing the finals that I didn't have any time for reading and blogging. However, I am done! I am done with school for the semester and now I have the whole summer to read as much as I want. *sigh* I am happy. I also now have time for blogging again, which is great because I miss talking to you guys so much. I also really need to catch up on my reviews. There are books that I read back in January that I haven't reviewed yet, so I need to get cracking. 

I also started my first Twitter account in April and I am loving it! I'm actually kicking myself for not starting one sooner because I get to be in contact with book lovers a lot more often and frequently than I am used to and I get to have more conversations with my blogger friends. So I am loving it! I am also loving it because of how active authors are. Sarah J. Maas tweets like twenty times a day! Do-does that make me sound like a stalker?

 If you want to follow me on twitter I am Kim's Novel Notes or @kim_notes. 

Again I didn't read much at all during April and that's I why my reading list is so low. I am actually ashamed of how many books I read this month or rather the lack of books. This is the lowest amount of books I read in a month and I am very sad about that. Although I did a bit better at posting reviews compared to how many books I read. So, I'm happy about that at least. 

Books Read: 2
The Orphan Queen by Jodie Meadows| 4 Butterflies
Katie's Hellion by Lizzy Ford|

Reviews Posted: 3
Ten Tiny Breaths by K. A. Tucker
Neverfade by Alexandra Bracken
Defy by Sara B. Larson

How was your April reading? Good, bad, ugly?
Happy May Reading!


  1. Congrats on joining Twitter! I didn't start an account until quite a while after I started blogging, and that's something I definitely wish I had done sooner. Hope you have an awesome month of reading in May! :D

  2. YAY for freedom^^ I remember that feeling from my Uni days ahah :D I hope you enjoy every second! Oh and don't be ashamed of not reading as much as you like, real life does get in the way sometimes but it's for the best in the long run :) Oh and I just followed you on Twitter, welcome ♥

  3. I went and found you on twitter!!
    Good to see that you are almost done with school! I bet it feels good!
    Have a great week!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace