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Mary E. Pearson, Kiss of Deception

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fandom Mashups (1)

This is a new fun feature hosted and created by Micheline over at Lunar-Rainbows. For this feature, there will be a new fictional scenario each week and you will create your dream team of five different characters from five different fandoms around this scenario.

This week's topic:

You're stranded on a deserted island. Who do you want there with you?

-- Katniss Everdeen 
Katniss would be my first choice for this because not only is she bad-ass but she knows how to survive in the wilderness. Katnis's survival skills would be perfect in this situation. She would be able to find us food, hunt animals, build shelters, basically everything you need to survive. 

-- Celaena Sardothien 
Celaena would be our bodyguard and fire starter. If there are any unfriendly natives or radioactive monsters on this island she would be able to protect us all without breaking a sweat. Also, Rowan would come and find her and I could get to meet Rowan *swoon*. 

-- Avry of Kazan 
Avry is from the Healer series by Maria V. Snyder and as the name of the series suggests, she is a healer. Her healing abilities would be wonderful in this situation because it would help us live longer. She would heal all of our wounds we get from defending the team from the radioactive monsters or, in my case, tripping over my own two feet and falling down on a thorny bush.

-- Hermoine Granger
Hermoine would be the one who would come up with a spell to get us fresh water and a way off the island. She is the brightest witch of her generation so I would have complete faith that she would devise a plan to get us back to our homes. 

-- The Doctor
The Doctor would work with Hermoine to find us a way off the island and he would definitely find us a way off the island. He is a genius and if nothing else he would come up with a way to get my Nook working so I could keep up with my reading. 

Happy Reading


  1. haha I LOVE that you included both Celaena and The Doctor!! ♥ I almost put both on my list too but I decided to restrain myself, otherwise they'll both show up every week XD Katniss and Hermione for sure, I'd need them both there too and well I haven't read the Healer series yet but it's on the tbr shelf. Thanks for joining up Kimberly! xx

  2. Avry is a great choice! A healer would definitely be an asset in this scenario. Now that you mentioned her, I can think of a bunch of Maria V. Snyder's characters who also would be perfect, especially Valek. :D

  3. There are so many Maria V. Synder characters that would be perfect for this scenario. I had to restrain myself from choosing just Snyder's character, lol =D.

  4. That's a really good point, I didn't even think of it, lol. I am confident that a Sarah J. Maas character will be on every week's list because I am so obsessed with her books right now =D.