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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harry Potter Moment (3)

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Could you ever double as a spy like Snape?

First off, I love this topic!!

Second off, oh god no.  I think it takes a certain type of person to do that and I am not that type. Snape did horrible things to prove himself to Voldermort and did them without Voldermort, or anyone else for that matter, realizing he was a double agent. To do that I think you need strong motivation, be very good at hiding your emotions, and be good at shouldering a great deal of pain and guilt. I am an open book. I am not good at hiding my emotions for long periods of time, heck I'm bad at hiding my emotions for short periods of time. So, I wouldn't be able to hid my feelings and honest reactions to things/Voldemort.

 Also it would ruin whatever relationships I had. My family would hate me, my friends would hate me, my whole generation would hate me until the end when/if they figure out I was a double agent and I don't think I could take that kind of hatred from my family. And if I died they would feel so guilty about treating me the way they did and I don't want anyone I love to feel that for the rest of their lives.

If I was in his position ,with no family of friends *sob sob*, I might want to do it, might feel that I would have to do it, but my emotions would give me away in ten seconds flat. 

What you be able to do it?
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  1. Brilliant answer^^ You're right too, you really have to BE in Snape's situation for this to even remotely be a possibility. Like you said, he had nothing left, AND he was already in Voldemort's favor. But even then, he'd have to be infinitely careful, every second, of every moment of every day. Voldemort isn't known to be trusting, so he'd ALWAYS be checking up, trying to see your secrets. O.O And just having to face him and Death Eaters, and pretend to like doing what they do? NOPE.

  2. Ula @ Blog of ErisedOctober 30, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    I didn't even think on the family and friends implications... Snape was alone, so it worked for him. But what would that mean for the rest of us? Huh interesting answer. I think we'd all fail.

  3. Yeah, I don't think I could pull it off because I couldn't cause my family and friends that kind of turmoil. It would be too hard to live with. I think what made Snape such a great spy eventually was the fact that he had no support. Of course, that's a double-edged sword too. Here's my HP MOTW.

  4. What I'm feeling is always very clearly written on my face, so that alone would keep me from being a decent spy. And having to be hyper aware of everything you say and do- I couldn't do that, and certainly not for as long as Snape managed to!

  5. Ahhh god I agree so much wit that! I hadn't even thought about the impact on family etc. I was just thinking my face would give me away!

  6. I agree 100%! All of those points are perfect, and I would not be able to do it either. Think of all that love you would miss out on. I thrive on those relationships, so it definitely wouldn't be for me. Great post!