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'Once upon a time, there was a man as great as the gods...... But even the great can tremble with fear. Even the great can Fall.

Mary E. Pearson, Kiss of Deception

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm Going On Vacation

Hello guys. I won't be on the blog or the blogoshpere because I am going on vacation. Yay!!!



If you couldn't tell I am pretty freaking excited for this vacation. I live in a place that has really cold winters and I'm going on vacation in a place that has warm winters. I'm so freaking excited, it won't get below 50 degrees. Yay!!


Me and my family are going to a resort for a whole week. So, I won't be back to the blog until next week sometime, probably the 28th for the Top Ten Tuesday. I just wanted to make sure I put a post up explaining why there won't be any posts up  and that I won't be commenting on anyone's posts for the next week or so.

Bye and happy reading