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'Once upon a time, there was a man as great as the gods...... But even the great can tremble with fear. Even the great can Fall.

Mary E. Pearson, Kiss of Deception

Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Back!!!

I'm back guys!! I went on a full week of blissful vacation, I haven't been on a vacation this long in a few years. So, it was heaven. Keep in mind, I went to a resort in Mexico where it didn't get below 75 degrees and I live in a place where in winter it doesn't get above 25 degrees and it only gets up to that on very rare and warm days. Like right now it is -5 degrees and that is the high for the week.

I plan to get fully back into blogging starting with a review later today and then Saturday with Stacking the Shelves. But for now pictures!!!

A beautiful sunset 

A gorgeous Sunrise

A random Palm tree (I didn't think there would be palm trees there.)

 To compare where I went and what I came back to here are two pictures taken from the plane back.
The first one it what Me and my Family where leaving. Isn't it beautiful with the ocean and the beach and the green?

The second one it what we were coming back to. My wonderful state of the Frozen Tundra. Isn't the solid blanket of snow and ice just wonderful?  

So that's it. I had a wonderful vacation with my family and I really hope we get to do it again. 

Happy reading.


  1. Welcome back, looks like a lovely time.

  2. Thank you :D.
    And it was a great time!! I'm so glad I went :)

  3. This looks amazing! I love to travel and discover new places!!