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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (40)

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)

Comment more and just basically be more interactive
I really want to comment more on people's post and basically be more interactive in the blogasphere.

Read 100 books
This is my Goodreads challenge this year and I think I have a good chance to accomplish it. Last year I read 91 books. So I think I can do this.

Actually Complete 2 of my 3 2014 reading challenges
I love doing reading challenges and last year I signed up for four and I complete none. So this year I want to complete at least two

Post more reviews
I feel like I've been slacking in this department so I really want to focus on writing more reviews and publishing them, that's the killer to. I one time had like three reviews to post up and kind of forgot about them for about two months, which isn't good. So I want to write more reviews and then post them as soon as I can.

Post more original content, like Predictions and Hopes
I really want to do more with my blog then just posting reviews and memes. So I want to publish more discussions and Predictions and Hopes.

Start posting series reviews
I really want to do this, it sounds really fun. It seems like it should give the perfect conclusion for reviewing all the books in the series.

Post more Manga reviews
I love Manag and I want to review some of them.

Re-do my blog design
I've had the pink flowers since I started the blog and I really want to change it.

Those are my blogging resolutions for this year, what are yours?
Happy reading


  1. Great goals!

    I think commenting is one that is hard for everyone bc I'm seeing it on lots of lists (including my own). I used to be REALLY good at commenting (genuinely not for the sake) back in the day and then, in these 3.5 years, I've just gotten burnt out and also the blogosphere has grown like CRAZY. So it's so daunting sometimes to feel like you need to comment on your friend blogs and the ones you love, and oh it might be nice to comment back on people who commented and then keep up with new blogs and then reply to the comments on your own blog. I need to devise a way to NOT get overwhelmed and I hope you are able to do that as well. I think it comes down to we need to be reasonable about we all can do and not run ourselves ragged over it!

    Blog designs are always fun AND I think they get me very inspired and feeling refreshed so I would say definitely try to plan it when you are feeling kind of MEH because it helps to get oneself out of a slump because a) you have a pretty new blog that you HAVE to utilize and b) designing your new blog makes you feel creative and focuses your attention on something besides your current slump!

    My resolutions!

  2. I need to work on commenting on other blogs too. I like the idea of a series review...I did one for a historical trilogy this year and think it ended up pretty cool. Good luck with all your goals!