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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (26)

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Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition (Topic originally done March 2011)

There are a lot of authors out there that deserve more recognition. A lot. So, this was a little hard.

Maria V. Snyder (author of Poison Study)
I know quite a few people who've read this, but I feel like her books just deserve more people reading them. They're just so amazing and outstanding, you need to read these, people!

Jennifer Estep (Author of the Mythos Academy series)
This lady has a lot of books! And I've read at least a few books in each of her series and they're amazing!! And it seems like almost nobody else have read them and I hate that. Her books are just great!

J. R. Jonsasson (author of Insomnia)
This women deserves much more hype than shes getting. Her book insomnia was freak'en amazing!!

Frewin Jones (Author of the Faerie Path series)
This guys books are amazing!! They're full of action and amazing worlds and I don't know why he isn't more popular. Come on people, read his books!!

Rachel Vincent (Author of the Soul Screamers series)
I know a lot of people have read her books, but I feel like she isn't that mainstream. So, people just don't talk about her books. You read them, you love them, but you don't spread the word on that much. Except of few people that do, but not most of them.

J.A. Huss (author of Tragic)
This lady's books are amazing!! And she can write!! Her books range from thought-provoking and intense, to soft and sweet. They're just amazing!! Come on people, read her books!

Kristin Cashore (Author of Graceling)
I think she is my favorite Fantasty author. Her books are just amazing!! More people need to read these!

Rachel Hawkins (Author of the Hex Hall series)
I love her Hex Hall series, but again I feel like her books deserve more people reading them.

Lesley Livingston (author of the Wonderous Strange sereies)
Ditto to Rachel Hawkins

A.C Gaughen (Author of Scarlet)
I loved Scarlet and I wish more people would read it, not just because it's amazing and deserves it, but also because I want Gosh and Squeal about it with people.

That's my list, what's yours?
Happy reading


  1. Great author choices! I love JR Johannson and JA Huss! I haven't read the others but will have to check them out!

  2. Rachel Vincent and Jennifer Estep have been on my TBR list for a while. I really need to get on that. I love Kristin Cashore's series. She should have made my list too. And then I recently "read" (listened to) Hex Hall, but I've got to say that I didn't love it. :( I think it was more of a timing thing though--had I read it 2 or 3 years ago, I probably would have loved it.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  3. I love Kristin Cashore's Graceling! It's one of my favorite books. I still have to read Fire and Bitterblue though! :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Yes yes yes to Maria V. Snyder, Rachel Hawkins, and Rachel Vincent of course! ;D<3

    Great list Kimberly! (:

  5. So many amazing authors! I love Jennifer Estep, Rachel Hawkins, and Maria V. Snyder. I need to read Kristin Cashore and Frewin Jones! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Snyder and Cashore are 2 of my favorite authors too. Awesome list.

  7. I have read a lot of authors on your list and whole heartedly agree with it! I love Scarlet as well, so you can squee with me about it some! :) There's a couple on here I'll have to look for, since we seem to have similar taste in books. Following you on Bloglovin now.

    My TTT:


  8. Definitely agree with you on Rachel Hawkins, though I still need to read her Hex Hall books, they ARE on the wishlist! Snyder, Cashore & Estep are all authors that I own books from but haven't gotten to them yet...I'm hoping VERY soon, especially for Snyder!! Vincent & Gaughen are on the wishlist too. This is my favorite TTT this week, awesome picks :)

  9. We did have a few of the same authors on our lists, but I need to read some of the others that you mentioned. I've wanted to read them for a while, I just haven't had the time! Thanks for visiting my TTT last week.