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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday 56 (32) & Feature (31)

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He took a deep breath. "Intense emotional reactions weakening can sometimes interfere with magic. It will sort itself out, I swear to you. But to have you so upset with me, me magic wasn't as powerful..." He voice trailed off. 
I focused my gaze on him, sharpening it. Anger built in my chest. "Upset with you?" I said.

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Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, Paperback etc?

This is a tie for me.

First off, I prefer physical books to E-books. I have nothing against them, heck I have Nook. But for whatever weird reason I like physical books.

For the longest time I have liked Paperback better. I liked them, because they're cheaper and they're easier to read.

However, lately I've been starting to really love Hardcovers. They are so much prettier on my shelves and they are just nicer. And with the YA Book Exchange I don't have to pay 20$ for each book. However, they are very awkward to read with. 

So, I guess it depends for me. 

That's my answer, what's yours?
Happy reading


  1. That's a great cover. I hope it's a great read.

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  2. Sounds awesome and love the cover!

  3. Stephanie VerhaegenJune 28, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    Great answer! ^^

    New Bloglovin follower!

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  4. Great Friday 56!

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  5. If newly released books came out in paperback from, I'd totally read them in an instant! However, since they don't, I usually stick to hardcovers or ebooks.

    Thanks for stopping by! Old Follower.
    Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

  6. I love all formats as well! And yes, hardcovers are pretty.

    Old follower!

    Thank you for stopping by my F&FF post earlier.

    Happy reading and have a great weekend!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  7. Yeah, I'm really not that picky either! lol eBooks are just convenient and I don't have to leave the house to get them immediately!

    Thanx for visiting my FF!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    Old Follower :)