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Mary E. Pearson, Kiss of Deception

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sorry guys & I need help

Hello every person who is reading this, I just want to say I'm sorry, because I feel like I am slacking off. I feel like I'm not writing as much posts as i want, I feel like I am not visiting other bloggers post and commenting and I feel like I am not responding to the comments you guys leave. I don't really have an excuse besides school is sucking the life out of me, and the weather as been all doom and gloom for the past week.

And the other thing is I haven't been reading good books. All the books I have been reading have were just average or really bad. Just the other day I had to resort to writing a review on a book I never planned on reviewing, because the book I was reading and was going to review was a DNF. I was so sad that it was, because I looked forward to that book.

The only good excuse I have for the past couple days is that it was my birthday!!!! Wooh!! My birthday was Thursday March 7 and I spent the day with my family, we watched a movie and had fun. I didn't get any presents, because my parents and my brother didn't have time for the past two weeks to get them. They have an even busier schedule then me. However, this weekend we are going to a movie and opening presents. So, the next Stacking the Shelves will be a big one, I hope.

The thing i need help on is whether or not I should review the book that was a DNF for me. It wouldn't be a full review, because I didn't read the whole thing, it would just be a couple paragraphs explaining why it was a DNF. Should I do it or not? 'Cause it was also a ARC copy and I don't think I would feel good writing a post that said I didn't like it (at all), but I also feel like I should write the review. So, what do you guys think I should do?

Again I am sorry guys for slacking off and what do you think I should do?
Happy reading.


  1. Review the book anyway! Since it was a DNF, I want to know what book it is, why you didn't finish reading it, and what you disliked about it.
    Happy late birthday by the way Kimberly! (:

    P.S. When Everbound comes in the mail, it should totally erase your reading slump! ;D

  2. Huh, that's odd, my comment isn't here... Darn computer glitching out when I need it. Let's try again shall we!

    I know how it feel when school is piling up on you, it's been like that for me for a couple of weeks. But fear not for things are going to get better, just keep at it (and ignore the cheesyness of that statement)! They already seem to be looking better with the books you're bound to get. Oh, Happy late Birthday wishes.

    As for the book you didn't like, you should review it anyways, people give ARCs out hoping you'll love it but knowing there's a chance you won't. Just give your honest opinion, it might save someone (like me) from spending their time reading a book they won't like.

  3. I agree with the others, you are not going to like every book you read, and sometimes not even finish it. Who knows one day in the future you will see it and pick it up and not be able to put it down, maybe it is not time for you to read it. Some of the best books I have ever read, was on the second try years later. Let us know what the book and why. Than you will have done what you could.

    And Happy Birthday! (Belated) Sounds like you had a good day!

    Foxy and Alice

  4. Happy belated birthday Kimberly! Our birthdays are really close together :) I know some people don't review DNF's but I've always written a short paragraph explaining why it was a DNF for me, I try to be polite but especially honest! If it makes you super uncomfortable though don't bother :)