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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Harry Potter Moment (10)

Harry Potter Moment of the Week 

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a  meme hosted by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts  and Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews. The idea is to share a favorite moment, magical item, character, spell, quote, object from the books, films or J.K.Rowling herself!  How to join up &  upcoming topics here.

Favorite Lupin Moment? 

This was very easy and very difficult at the same time. When I read the topic I instantly thought of so many great moments of his and it was very hard narrowing them down to one. Lupin is such a  great character and I love him so much, so it was very hard to came up with only one moment when every scene he has been in was wonderful to read. 

When Lupin "Confiscated" the Marauder's Map from Harry. Why I love this scene so much is because Lupin acts as both a teacher and a kid. He takes it away from Harry not only because a student shouldn't have this but also because he doesn't want Snape to have it. I think its one of the only times where we get to see the childish side of him. He had to have had a childish side because he was friends with James and Sirius. I know he was the sensible one in the group, but to initially start hanging out with them you have to have a childish side as well. Also, I love the sass he has when he took away the map. It wasn't just like, "oh, I'm now going to take this map now", it was more of a "bitch please, you can't handle this map".

What was your favorite LupinMoment?
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  1. Alex @ The Book BannerJuly 9, 2015 at 1:11 PM

    This moment always makes me laugh, especially now that we know he was one of marauders. Snape is particularly passive aggressive in this book and Lupin gives him a little slap on the head. It's glorious!

  2. I LOVE this moment!! It's basically Lupin SAVING the map from Snape and honestly saving it FOR Harry because once Sirius would have been caught (if he was guilty) and as soon as Sirius is cleared, Lupin gives it right back to Harry ♥ And I love how he's all like: I should investigate further for any 'dark magic' since it is my area - when he knows damn well it's HIS map XD

  3. Christina @ Between BookendsJuly 9, 2015 at 8:30 PM

    HAHAHAHA! I have never heard that interpretation of this scene. It's hilarious!

    Even after all those years Snape never knew anything about that map and now Lupin is helping the 2nd generation Marauders be "up to no good". Mischief Managed, Moony.

  4. Haha great choice, you're definitely right about it being one of the few times we see Lupin's childish side, and how he could have got on with Sirius and James so well. I love getting to see it too when the marauders are talking about the exam and the question on signs for identifying werewolves, ""One: He's sitting on my chair. Two: He's wearing my clothes. Three: His name's Remus Lupin..."

  5. I remember laughing so hard when we got to that moment and the map started insulting Snape. Than Lupin taking it was so gratifying. It was almost as if, well since Harry can't have it, I'd much rather it go to Lupin than Snape. I agree, he had a lot of sass in that moment :D Great pick!

  6. I give Lupin so much credit for having to think under such pressure, plus he handles the situation so perfectly! The Marauder's Map insulting Snape (and rightfully so, lol!) is one of the funniest moments in the series! XD