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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fandom Mash-Up (9)

This is a new fun feature hosted and created by Micheline over at Lunar-Rainbows. For this feature, there will be a new fictional scenario each week and you will create your dream team of five different characters from five different fandoms around this scenario.

Yer a wizard Harry! You've just found out that you're magical (THE dream) Who do you want on your team to mentor you? July 5th

Hermione Granger
She's the brightest witch of her age, she knows everything of course I want her to teach me. She would be perfect, although she might get carried away at some points.

He is the wise old wizard who's been through wars and is feared and revered all through the lands. He would be perfect. He could not only teach me magic, but all about Middle Earth, like where to go for this or that, to avoid these roads, and all about the different species and what to say and not say around them.

Rowan Whitehorn
This was a no-brainer for me. He was able to teach Celaena for gods sake. If he was able to teach Celaena Sardothian he would definitely be able to teach my clumsy self, lol =D.

Kelsier (Mistborn Series)
I think Kelsier would be perfect for this job. he taught Vin like a pro and even though I am no Vin I do believe he would do a really good job of teaching me. He would also probably know all of the secrets of the trade and would teach them to me.

Rumplestiltskn (Once Upon a Time)
I love Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time and I think he would be another great teacher. Although he might try and make me kill some people. However, I"m not worried about that because all of the others would prevent him from doing anything like that. 

Who would be on your team?
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  1. Woah! I can't believe I forgot about Kelsier^^ He taught Vin. Vin is EPIC, Therefore, I would want Kelsier to teach me too :D I forgot about Rumple too but I already made a big deal about it over at Rally the Readers so I won't repeat myself here LOL! I like that you picked Hermione too, she definitely knows her stuff and would make a brilliant teacher! I went with Gandalf and Rowan too ♥

  2. Lol about Hermione possibly getting too carried away with teaching. I'm hoping to read Mistborn soon and discover all of these great characters! I know Micheline loves that series, too, and I definitely feel like I'm missing out!

  3. Oh, I didn't even think of that. Now I'm terrified of Hermione teaching me because you are totally right. She would make study charts years in advance and she would only pencil in 15 minute lunch breaks. I-I don't want that :(
    Mistborn is the best! Although I think I've gushed about this series at you enough already, so I'll stop sounding like a broken record, lol =D.