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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fandom Mash-Up (8)

This is a new fun feature hosted and created by Micheline over at Lunar-Rainbows. For this feature, there will be a new fictional scenario each week and you will create your dream team of five different characters from five different fandoms around this scenario.

In your adventuring, you've encountered a dragon :O  but you have no clue how to figure out if it's a friendly dragon or a human barbecue. Who do you take with you to investigate?

Ember (Talon by Julie Kagawa)
Ember is a freaking dragon, so she could probably just turn into her dragon self and talk to this new dragon. Plus, if it isn't friendly she would be a great asset to fighting it.

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
She is the mother of dragons, if anyone can read the body language of a dragon and determine of it is friendly or not, its her. Also, I'm kind of counting her three dragons with her, since they're kind of a package deal. So, if it does come to a fight, it would be 4 dragons against 1.

Avatar Aang (Avatar: The last Airbender)
He has dealt with dragons before, so he has some experience with them that could come in handy. Also, he is a great fighter and I have no doubt he could defeat the dragon all by himself, lol :D. However, why I picked him is mostly because of his calm and gentle personality. He never wants to get into a fight and if he could talk someone out of violence he would. So, he would basically be our negotiator if the dragon is mean. 

Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
Hiccup has so much experience with dragons and dealing with them that he would be perfect for this. Not only does he know how to deal with them he probably can read their body language like a pro since his best friend is a dragon. Also, if anyone was brave enough to go up to the dragon, it's him. 

Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
He is the master at research and so he would be the one who would make everyone take a step back and think. He would want to know everything about this certain species of dragon before they went to confront it. He would want to know what weak points it has, its history, anything that will defiantly anger it, etc. 

What would your team be?
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  1. AANG!!! OMG HOW could I forget Aang?! Or Zuko for that matter?! And Iroh!! Gah! I feel like a total idiot right now >.< but hey, I'm happy that you thought of him :D We're totally of the same mind when it comes to Sam too ♥ I love him so much! I still need to meet Ember, Daenerys and Hiccup though but from what I've heard, they're all fantastic choices here^^

  2. I just started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I already LOVE it so much! Aang would be a great asset to your awesome team! And of course Daenerys is such a dragon expert, lol; she could handle anything that happened. :D