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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blogging and Reading Resolutions

This post is a little late, but  better late then never.

1). Comment More
I am really bad at commenting, really bad at it. And this year I want to get better at it. Not just commenting on other blogs but also replying back to comments on this blog.

2). Write More Discussions
I love writing discussion posts. I like putting my thoughts on a post and actually discussioning it with people. However, I rarely do them because A) they take to long and B) I often can't think of topics to talk about. However, I had a brainstorming session and have come up with several discussion topics.

3). Write More book Recommendations
I love writing these posts. The only problem is they are very time consuming and I don't often have a lot of time to devote to only one post. However, I still want to post more of them and I am determined!

1). Finish the Mistborn Series
By Finish I mean finish The Hero of Ages. I've had that on my shelf for years. I started the series two years ago now and I want to finish the original trilogy. I'm not going to say the whole series with all the new books because I have no chance of that. However, I will read the Hero of Ages efore this year is out!

2). Read 60 books.
My Goodreads challenge is 100 books but that is just my auto challenge. I always wanted to read 100 books in a year but I have never made it and I don't beat myself up because it. And 2015 was a very bad reading year for me and so I want to read at least 60 books.

3). Read 12 Sequels
I am horrible at continuing series. I find a really great first book in a series and love it but never read the sequel. This has led me to have so many open series and a lot of sequels on my TBR shelf. I want to thin that down and actually continue these series. So, I want to read at least one sequel a month. I think I can do that.

Those are my Reading and Blogging Resolutions.
What are your Resolutions??

Happy Reading

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