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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fandom Mash-Up (14)

This is a new fun feature hosted and created by Micheline over at Lunar-Rainbows. For this feature, there will be a new fictional scenario each week and you will create your dream team of five different characters from five different fandoms around this scenario.

You've encountered a new monster you've never faced before and you need to learn more about it in order to take it down. Who do you want on your research/fighting team? Keep in mind that ideally, these people are both book smart and able to fight.

Chuck Bartowski
Chuck is a nerd, simply put. He his a computer genius and if any organization or governing body knows about it and are trying to hide this new monster he will hack into their servers and find out everything they know. Also, he can kick ass.

Sam Winchester
Sam was the obvious choice. He is a huge book geek, he loves researching and is very good at it, and he can get a wifi signal anywhere. So if we have to hide from the organization or governing body who are now trying to kill us, we can keep researching where ever we end up. 

Gandolf is the wise old wizard and not only does he know a lot about everything his magic would came in handy. His magic would open doors for us, allow us different ways to kill the monster, stun it, or make us invisible from the bad guys who are trying to cover everything up so it doesn't become public. 

Remus Lupin
Lupin is perfect I think. Not only  is he incredibly smart, but he knows a lot about monsters.He could help us research and make up a spell for killing it. Although, hopefully this whole situation will be settle before the full moon. 

Valek is known for his amazing fighting skills, but he is also really smart. He owns a freaking lot of books and I dare you to tell me he hasn't read every single one of those books and they are just for stopping intruders. Also, he is really good at spying so if nothing else he can break into the organization's headquarters and find something to blackmail them with so they won't kill us; or if that fails he can help us dismantle it so they can't harm anyone else. 

Who would be on your team?
Happy Reading

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