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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Discussion Time: DNFing, Yes or No

Its been a long time since I've done a discussion post and I really miss doing it. I missed discussing things with everyone. So, I've decided to start doing them again.

Today's topic is about DNFing books and whether or not you DNF books.

So, DNF stand for 'D'id 'N'ot 'F'inish and its where you give up on a book, putting it down with no intentions to ever finish it.

The basic argument for not DNFing a book is that a person doesn't like to give up on a book because they've already invested time into that book, so why not push through it and finish it? Another argument is that they are pushing through with the hope that the book will get better. They are the optimists that believe the book will get better. 

Those are the only two arguments on that side of the discussion I know because I stand on the other side of the discussion, the approval of DNFing. I don't often DNF books, but I do DNF them. Why it is so rare is because it takes a lot to make me DNF a book even though I'm fine with DNFing. Either the main character has to be really annoying, the plot all but nonexistent, or the writing to be that of a five year old. 

I'd DNF a lot more is you count just putting down a book, but with the intention that I'll pick it up later and finish it. I'm a mood reader so sometimes I'll start reading a book that I'm not in the mood and I'll put it down and start a book that I am in the mood for. But I don't count those as DNF because I do intend tom finish them, just not right then.

Why I DNF books is because there are so many other books I want to read or need to read that I don't want to waste time reading something I don't like when I could be reading something I do like. Also, I don't enjoy reading books that I don't like. I don't understand why I would keep reading a book that I wasn't enjoying or even hated. I wasn't enjoying reading it, so why would I keep reading it. 

So, what are your thoughts on DNFing? Do you DNF or do you hate DNFing?
Happy reading

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  1. When I first got back into reading a few years ago, I'd push myself to finish books that I wasn't enjoying because I knew I'd feel guilty for giving up. With my reading time much more limited these days, I wouldn't hesitate to DNF a book that wasn't working for me at all because I could be investing that time in a different book. Great discussion post! :)