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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Discussion Time: Bookish Pet Peeves,

Hello guys, it's been a while since I did a discussion post, which is sad because I really like discussion thing with you guys. Anyway, today I want to know your pet peeves in books and I have a few a these, but since I don't want this to be a long post I will just tell you my top three. 

The first is when the summary tells you half of the freakin book! I just hate it when your reading a book and it's good, but half way through you are still on what the summary tells you up front. I hate this for the simple reason that it makes the book boring. I love books where I can't tell whats going to happen next and where I'm shocked by all the twist and turns. And when the summary reveals all the important stuff for the first half, it just throws that concept out the window. Although, when this happens in books the last half is usually pretty good.

The second one is Inst-Love. I don't know why author's keep insisting on writing Insta-Love, they have to know that most readers hate it. Out of all the books I've read that have insta-love in it there is only a few that I didn't hate and only one that I love (the awesomeness that is Robin LeFevers people). I think it's simple why I hate this so much, it's just so unrealistic, it's something that won't ever happen in life. I hate it even more when the main plot in the book is a love story. It's like the plot is freakin based on these characters love, why the heck wouldn't you take your time with it author?

I think the only times I haven't hated insta-love is if the characters have a spell on them, if they are soul-mates (this is something that a lot of authors get wrong though), and if it's a cheesy love stories (which is my guilty pleasure) That's it.

The last one is something that doesn't annoys me as much as it saddens me. This is when in a fantasy book or any book that isn't set in our world with our society and the author doesn't describe the world. I just read a book where this happen and I was so disappointed with it, because for me half the fun is seeing the world that the author made up from his/her mind. And it disappoints me and annoys when the author doesn't take the time to describe the world, besides just a few passing explanations here and there. This not only annoys me, but I feel like it handicaps the plot, which sucks even more. 

And I realize that for some writers describing physical appearances isn't their strongest ability *cough*, Me *cough*, but most writers like that still try. Which you have to apprecate. However, some don't even try and you can tell when some writers didn't even try to describe their world, they just explained the society (some don't even do that) and than say the heck with it. This just annoys me so much.

Those are my bookish pet peeves. Tell me in the comments what your's are, if you agree are disagree with what I said.  Comment anything.
Happy reading

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