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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer announcement

    Hello my Dear Readers, today I am very sad to say that summer is almost over. School is starting soon, so my post will be slowing down a little, hopefully not a lot. However, you won't have to worry about that for a least two weeks, since school starts the last week in August.

   However, I will be changing my grading format. Like now, I grade the story/plot line, the characters, the writing, and the ending separately with a maxium of 25 points for each category, the higher the number is the better it was. Then I add up all the numbers. Then, depending on what the number was I I give it a letter grade. I really like that format, because when I started this blog I really wanted to go deep with my reviews. So, I will be sad to stop reviewing that, but I will bring it back next summer.

    I know what you are thinking, "why would you stop writing that way, since you like it so much"
Well, the answer is easy. When I write my reviews in that format, it takes me a while to write the whole thing and I won't have that much time to write reviews when school starts.
    So, the new way I will be reviewing is, I will write a few paragraphs explaining what I like and didn't like, then grade the overall book between 1 and 5 butterflies. The more butterflies the better.

    It will look something like this

1 Butterflies
Bad, waste of my time.

2 Butterflies
Boring, not really my kind of book.

3 butterflies
Basic, nothing special.

 4 Butterflies
Beloved, This is a really good book.

 5 Butterflies
Blew me away, one of the best books ever.

Just wanted to let you know.
That is all for now, come back tommorow for a review.

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